California farmworkers are working during heatwaves, wildfire smoke and fearful
COVID-19 throughout the pandemic for long hours with little pay to keep food on the tables of everyone across America. 


The Farmworker Caravan is a grassroots effort by individuals led by Darlene Tenes of CasaQ by Darlene to provide emergency supplies to these oft-forgotten essential workers during the pandemic


The Farmworker Caravan takes place over two days.

This first day is the Donation Drop-off that is open to the public to drop off non-perishable foods, essential household goods, face masks and PPE. We use a safe contact-less system. The donation drop is for people who are not participating in the caravan.

The second day the Farmworker Caravan consists of cars filled with donations that participants have collected. We meet up in the morning in San Jose, CA to drive to a destination where the goods are dropped of at a partner location where they will sort and distribute to the farmworkers. Only registered guests and vehicles may participate in the caravan. 


The Farmworker Caravans start in San Jose, California and travel to nearby agricultural areas in Santa Clara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and San Luis Obispo Counties.


The Farmworkers Caravans take place about once a month. Please make sure to join our email list to get notifications. 


Please visit our FAQ page before contacting us:

Farmworker Caravan