Thank you for your interest in being a drop-off site for the Farmworker Caravan! Following are some guidelines and suggestions 

Depending on the size of your donation site, number of employees or members and marking reach you'll need to make your best judgment on the quantity and size of trucks needed.  We usually have two 15-17ft box trucks at each site. This is a good VIDEO showing the donation drop-off process and size of trucks 

1) Commercial Box Trucks or Vans (clean)
2) 6 or 8 ft Tables
3) Rolling Carts
4) Chairs for Volunteers

Please make sure to have on hand:
Extra Face Masks
Hand Sanitizer
Disposable Gloves
Safety Vests, Group T-Shirt, Hat or Scarf
Traffic Cones
Group Banner, Flag, A-Frame


Volunteers Shifts are: 
1:00 - 4:00pm 
3:00 - 7:00pm
Note: This is an example as your hours may differ. 

The volunteers will remove donations from the donor's trunk and place directly on the trucks. It is best to use the rolling carts. They do not need to sort the items as the nonprofit agency will sort items at the drop-off location. If you have two trucks one may be used to collect food and the other for household goods. Place heavy items on the bottom and soft items on top. 

The two exceptions to this rule are:
1) Face masks, hand sanitizers & PPE should be set aside. These items should go into a core leaders SUV.
2) We will also be collecting Thanks You/Gracias cards for the farmworkers at public locations. Different Girl Scout troops will be dropping them off and they need to be placed in a box together.  

There should be one or two volunteers designated as greeters. When donors come to drop off items greet them by saying, "Thank you for donating to the Farmworker Caravan! Do you have any face masks or sanitizer with you today?" If they say yes, make sure that you notify the volunteers removing the donations from the trunk. Then hand them a Farmworker Caravan postcard and wish them a good day. 

Here is a list ITEMS ACCEPTED. Please DO NOT accept any clothing. If someone wishes to donate something outside of what is requested please have them call Darlene Tenes directly at 408-888-8414. This may include school supplies, candy, hoodies, etc... 

All participants are required to wear face masks and disposable gloves upon entry and the duration of your time at the donation drops and maintain 6' social distancing. Please put on new gloves after using the restroom or eating. 

For the safety of all we ask that participants place all donations in sturdy bags and boxes and place them in the trunk or back of the vehicle away from passengers. Do not remove any items from the passenger areas. 

If people wish to go on the caravan on Saturday they can register at

Your site should have an indoor space available to volunteers depending on the temperature or air quality and accessibility to bathrooms. 

Please have individually packaged food, snack or water for the volunteers available.  Important: No pizza, homemade foods or any foods that needs to be shared.